PortaPOS Point-of-Sale Systems


PortaPOS point-of-sale systemen are well tested and supplied with the POSnet software preinstalled. The PortaPOS systems are supplied by professional companies in the area of automation with point-of-sale systems in the hospitality industry. PortaPOS cooperates with regional companies that can provide you local advise and support. Call or e-mail us for an address in your area.

PortaPOS Zenis POS 3000
Dares to be different…

- 15 inch TFT LCD 1024×768
- 5wired resistive touchscreen
- 1.6 Ghz processor
- 160 GB harddisk
- 1 LAN port
- 3 RS-232 ports
- 6 USB ports
- POSready operating system and
- POSnet software preinstalled

magstripe reader
I-button reader
RFID reader
Zenis customer display
Zenis thermal printer

glossy white
glossy black
glossy white with red front
glossy black with red front
I-button reader

PortaPOS Zenis printer

The PortaPOS printer is extremely fast by it’s ethernet connection to the POS terminal. This make it possible to print bar- and kitchenorders with text and icons but still stay fast. Easy drop-in replacement of the paper roll. Orders are printed with Table information, clerk name, time and date stamp. The products are always printed in clear black icons and text. No ink required for this thermal printer.

In restaurant kitchens can be chosen to print the kitchen orders with a duplicate so that the first ticket can be given out together with the starters while the duplicate stays behind.

PortaPOS MiniPOS
Powerful features on a small footprint…

- the compact all-in-one POS system in a trendy design
- 1.6Ghz processor
- 160GB harddisk
- 10.4 inch ELO touchscreen
- built-in thermal printer
- built-in customer display
- built-in i-button reader
- POS ready operating system preinstalled
- POSnet software preinstalled
- Available in the colours: black, white, blue of red

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