With POSnet you can create stunning graphic table plans fast and easy. Tables are displayed with a status colour. Thus, at a single glance you can see if the table is occupied or not. At the same time, you can notice for how long an occupied table hasn’t been served. Production orders can automatically be sent to the kitchen or bar, accompanied by additional instructions, if necessary. Does the customer want its steak cooked red, medium or well-done? White or brown bread under the fried eggs? No problem, it can be added to the production order simply and fast.

POSnet offers an option for Chinese restaurants where it is possible to print kitchen orders in both Chinese graphic characters and English description. This is a very important aspect when your cook cannot read the kitchen orders written only in English. For creating your own product description with Chinese characters a database with 3000 Chinese symbols is provided with the software and a helpful English dictionary with a search and find functionality.



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